3 Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Design
3 Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Design

We’ve all heard the term “Eco-friendly” used many times in advocating for natural organizations, But rarely have we heard it used in design, And now they say that it can increase profits for businesses and provide a better customer experience? How?

A Lower Maintenance Cost

Maintenance cost has always been a simple relation between price and beauty, the more you spend on prettier materials the more you will have to spend on maintaining them, This relation is no longer a thing in Eco-friendly design. Through Many things, The usage of materials like blocks, bricks, and concert for example that don’t wear like normal paint. Or the usage of plants that require no maintenance further then watering them, not to mention vintage antiques that require no maintenance or refurbishment costs.

Nowadays, You go into many stores and get the immediate feeling that this place is old, just bland white walls everywhere that get dirty very quickly. Now imagine a brick wall, it simply does not get dirty, it’s brick! Not to mention the low cost, the suitability to modern designs, the thermal properties, the Versatility, and tactility that comes with using a brick wall.

Improving Air Quality

As we all know planets Take in Co2 and give O2 thus it is only natural that Eco-friendly buildings are proven to have better air quality and consequently; better customer experience. The flow of air is also an important and often overlooked aspect of design. Eco-friendly design focuses on having a healthy amount of strategically placed windows and a well thought-through ventilation system to ensure fresh and clean air at all times. why is that so important? Well, it has been physiologically proven that air quality is directly linked to mood. And as we all know, a happy customer is the best business strategy of all time.

Trendy and Future Adaptable

Big companies have used the fact that they use Eco-friendly bags as a selling point, well why not an eco-friendly store? The younger generation – whether we know it or not – thinks green, because it is no longer “save the environment for your children” now It is “save the environment for your self”. in fact, many have outright switched to only eco-friendly stores. 

Another big point is this subconscious feeling that comes when for example someone enters an eco-friendly restaurant, they get this subconscious feeling that says “the food here is definitely healthy and of high quality”, a subconscious feeling that ensures principles are being followed and care has been put into this place… it is this subconscious feeling that makes eco-friendly design special, endeared in the hearts of customers, and most importantly… establish trust.
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