What on earth is Fengshui, and how is it increasing everyone’s profit?
What on earth is Fengshui, and how is it increasing everyone’s profit?

Yeah yeah, I know, whenever Fengshui is mentioned Chinese bamboo and water droplets come to most people’s minds, and while these might be what most people think. The truth is that the philosophy of Fengshui goes far and beyond these stereotypes. So how are companies utilizing that philosophy to increase profits? and how come some designers set for them selfs “Fengshui rules that should never be broken”? And first of all what on earth is Fengshui?

What is Fengshui?

To make a long story short, Fengshui translates to wind and water, “Feng” as in wind and “Shui” as in water, and while The ancient Chinese associated These elements with health and fortune, it is now scientifically proven that the Fengshui philosophy has a positive effect on the human mind. It is basically an effort to provide the best answer to the question How does this space make you feel? 

Creating a harmonized surrounding:

Using Fengshui goes beyond Western design elements of comfort or aesthetic. Instead, it places emphasis on physical and mental health, success, and a healthy environment. It is the small things like paying attention to your furniture placement, Customer sitting locations, Casher location and so much more.

Careful selection – and utilization – of design elements like wood, Bright colors, etc can go along way to providing your customers with an incredible experience.

Fengshui will save you on marketing cost:

I know right! It’s quite unbelievable yet surprisingly logical and scientific. If you look into any Fengshui design resource you will always see something along these lines “Fengshui starts outside” so take a closer look at your entrance, shop window, neighbors and the environment around your store. A good Fengshui store has a strong presence. It tells you that you would like to enter this store. It encourages word of mouth and attracts passers. Because if you walk by and see an open entrance, plants, great lighting, and all that good stuff you will get that welcoming feeling that truly differentiates between saying “I’m going to a store” and “i’m going to MY store”

So how do I do it?

Go far and think deep, keep your attention at what provides a good energy flow and don’t forget details. For example, adjusting for the biological watch of your customers has a huge impact on comfort level. Entice customers to stay and spend their money with colors drawn from nature, or increase their appetite with red colors. Don’t forget sounds, soothing music or energetic tunes have a powerful impact on first impressions.


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