Reduce your cost & Increase your Profit with Armoni – Organic Spatial Design
Reduce your cost & Increase your Profit with Armoni – Organic Spatial Design

How Armoni Can Increase Profit and Decrease Construction Costs

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui encourages proper energy flow within spatial arrangements. Although not often spoken about, these design techniques are frequently utilized by a number of prevalent businesses. A careful focus on blending these spiritual concepts with plant life and other natural elements has resulted in a concept called Organic Spatial Design – an effective technique more and more business owners are turning to when constructing and beautifying their restaurants, retail stores, and workspaces.

By combining the fundamentals of Feng Shui with thoughtful, eco-friendly design elements, you’ll be able to create a pleasing space that improves customer loyalty and – more importantly – your bottom line. 

How It Works

A mistake that restaurant owners make is assuming that modern, savvy consumers are only interested in high-tech experiences. In truth, consumers are rejecting stuffy, restrictive, and artificial environments. If anything, living in a tech-focused world has caused the public to crave a connection to nature and the world around them more than ever before. 

Armoni – Organic Spatial Design capitalizes on that trend. It allows consumers to create a connection that extends far beyond the four walls of your restaurant. A carefully curated space will impact their experience and increase their desire not only to spend more while they linger in your harmonious space, but also increases the chance of them returning for a repeat visit in the future (Brand Loyalty).

An eco-friendly environment is also beneficial for your business in a variety of ways. It’s easy to envision how utilizing recycled materials (Old Is Gold) and solar energy can improve your energy efficiency and reduce overall operating costs. Reduce exposure to toxic material by using VOC products When done correctly, it will also create a brand narrative that your customers will connect with, appreciate, and want to be a part of. 

Incorporating Armoni – Organic Spatial Design in Your Work Environments

To begin, it’s important to put yourself in the shoes of your customer. For example, a minimalistic entryway that is pleasing to the eye is key to capturing a positive first impression. But the concept of Armoni – Organic Spatial Design – encourages think beyond an initial impression and examine how the energy flow of your space can create a more harmonious overall experience. Thoughtfully placed mirrors and organic plant life produce a more serene environment. So too does minimizing the number of patrons present at one time. Also, consider color and lighting choices – naturally occurring tones are a staple in Feng Shui, while light with a yellow tinge has been proven to increase one’s appetite. 

Armoni – Organic Spatial Design also focuses heavily on environmental consciousness. Increasing the amount of natural light and the quality of airflow that enters your space will have an outstanding impact on the way it is received by customers 

Recycled and up-cycled furniture and décor is not only chic and budget-friendly, it also allows you to connect with the community and utilize local resources. Thoughtful choices like diminishing single use plastics will also let your customers know that your brand is on the pulse of relevant ecological trends. Plus, sharing these changes with your audience via social media outlets will make your brand stronger and more popular than ever before.


Armoni – Organic Spatial Design is a harmonious union of time-honored Feng Shui concepts and eco-friendly environmental elements. These easy, conscientious changes will do more than alter the energy flow of your business. They will ultimately strengthen brand loyalty, encourage customer spending, and decrease construction costs. 

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