How to Build Your First Green Restaurant
How to Build Your First Green Restaurant

It’s not easy to go green for anything in Kuwait let alone your first restaurant. Luckily, I noticed that there are a few restaurants that are going for that green concept and they are usually owned by Kuwaiti millennials that are really conscious of the environment.

With this mind, there are so many reasons why it’s a great idea to go green especially when it comes to the interior decor of your first restaurant. The first real benefit is the possible cost savings. I know what you are thinking? Too good to be true, right? Well not if you are reusing old recycled materials that are locally available and incorporating those elements as part of your restaurant’s interior decor. So what are kinds of materials that you can use you may ask? You can use materials like bricks, concrete, stones, cement cubes or solid wood for your first green restaurant.

So what can I do?

Don’t worry, going green is easier than you think! In our office, for instance, we used old solid wood blocks as part of our interior decor. This gave the office space that unique vintage look at a fraction of the cost had we bought the materials from a wood supplier. Have a look at our office below

Much of the decor uses recycled, eco-friendly materials such as old cured wood and bricks.

On the same note, In one of our projects, for example, we used low-cost material elements such as Swedish wood, cement cubes, and eco-friendly adhesives in order to not only save cost for our respective client but also as a way to strengthen the “Green” brand image of the restaurant.

While it is possible to go green for a restaurant, sometimes however from a construction point of view it would take a lot longer, and more costly to construct the green restaurant largely because of the number of materials that are needed to go green for the restaurant may not be locally available. If you are in this particular situation and the pressure is on with your tight budget and schedule you can still go green by

making sure that the materials that are being used are free from lead and other harmful chemicals is an easy and very helpful way to help the environment.

Another way to go green for your restaurant is to maximize the amount of natural light that enters your restaurant. Not only is this “green” but it’s also for free!  This type of lighting however will largely depend on the location & orientation of your restaurant in addition to the time of the day. From an interior design perspective, natural light gives your restaurant space a certain calm & open feel. This, in turn, gives off a positive vibe that you want your customers to feel as they are entering your restaurant. If you are convinced with having natural light as part of your “Green” package for your restaurant then make sure that your dining area is an open concept to allow that light to pass through.

This is the sort of natural light that you would want to have in your “green” restaurant

In addition to incorporating natural light to your restaurant space, a simple add-on to incorporate would be to add plants to space. Plants naturally give off a refreshing vibe to space as well as that relaxing aurora.

Finally, if you really value your restaurant being “Green” and you stand by that value, and it’s a part of your restaurant’s brand, then it will usually give your customer’s an impression that your food is clean and healthy. There is an association and a sense of trust that your restaurant gives off when your brand image is committed to this green philosophy.  


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